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Instant Cricket

aka_kool | 20 April, 2008 20:10

Hmmm! those were the days... Early in the morning...first task for my mom in the kitchen was to put coffee powder in the filter and pour boiling hot water...and one drop after another...fresh coffee would then collect into the bottom container of the filter...MMM.... those were the days... the aroma would waft through the kitchen to the entire house and make me wake up and smell the coffee literally!


And now... I get up...have to rush to the office...no time for anything else!!! what do I do??... I turn to Instant coffee.... much like everything else in life which seems to be in the instant coffee mode... but one thing I definetely did not expect was to see good 'ol CRICKET in instant mode!

But T20 is here to stay..although I can't say I am complaining...I like the intensity and the energy that it provides! and it really seems to have caught on... India where cricket is almost a religion seems to have taken by it.

While I write this I am watching Shahrukh Khan jump up with joy every time his Knight Riders' churn out a six or a four...while I a 'Deccan Charger' sit with my fingers crossed...it is still anybody's game at this point.


Its funny how loyalties change… a couple of days ago.. I would cheer for Dhoni, Ganguly, Dravid, Sachin or anyone in blue..  I used to boo at every move Symonds made…. And now??  Its confusing.. yet.. I LOVE IT just as I love my coffee...instant or otherwise Wink

Hyderabad here i come

aka_kool | 18 April, 2008 17:45

My love for hyderabad has brought me here... to this awsome site! Although an avid reader...am too lazy to write ...but will try to.

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